One on one virtual training


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        Shabazz Strong Team Sessions

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              Shabazz Strong Fitness Programs


              We will focus on building lean muscles and overall strength training.
              Each class will start with a 5 minutes stretch followed by a 10 minutes active warm-up.
              Each class will focus on a different muscle group.
              • Class 1: Lower body strength
              • Class 2: Upper body core
              • Class 3: Friday Fun day, just a little something different to break the norm ( different style of training on a weekly basis. Ex: Cardio box, Hitt training day, Sport specific training...)


              Plan: 1x week and begin with a Yoga/Myofascia therapy mix where I do a muscle group specific flow before the rolling of those same target areas.

              All sessions start with a breathing practice and will include core with strength moves, static holds, multiple mods for every pose, coupled with active, static and dynamic stretches, as well as time for play before mediation.

              • Yoga flow to roll lower body - Quad, hip, ham, psoas, calf and foot strength yoga + fascia target roller before intensifying with various balls and tools.
              • Yoga flow to roll upper body - Lats, chest, shoulders, arms, abdominal, psoas (both classes cover this and tendinitis, psiatica, etc.)
              • Vinyasa flow to yin- Traditional ashtanga rooted vinyasa flow learning how to connect breath to movement through multiple sequences of poses followed by rooted yin poses held for a longer duration before meditation.
              • Vinyasa flow - All levels quicker paced functional power sequence with optional challenges along the way with a goal to offer all 4 every week.


              • Calm yourself
              • Sleep Better
              • Connect with your spiritual being


              You are what you eat, let’s find a plan that's best for you


              • Connect with your inner self
              • Have an out of body experience


              • Build Lean Muscle
              • Protect Your Body
              • Feel Energetic


              • Burn fat
              • Elevate your mind
              • Help your muscles recover